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Keeping Environment First

Green Seal Products


Green Cleaning is not simply replacing a traditional chemical with a "certified" Green alternative. While this step is often the first in a series of efforts, Green Cleaning is a strategy that rethinks how to create a healthy, high performing building, which, at the same time, minimizes impact on the environment.
The simplest definition of Green Cleaning is "cleaning to protect health without harming the environment." This simple definition brings together two important concepts. First, there is the need to focus on human health - both the building occupants and the cleaning staff. The second concept recognizes the huge environmental impacts associated with the cleaning industry. Most facility managers understand the important role cleaning plays in protecting people's health. However, many cleaning products, including cleaning chemicals and many plastic products, are made from petroleum, a limited and non-renewable natural resource. In addition, some cleaning chemicals contribute to smog formation and water contamination. The energy used during cleaning also contributes to environmental burdens.
A Green Cleaning program can reduce exposure to toxic ingredients through the use of environment-friendly cleaning products and appropriate staff training. The health of all campus building occupants is better protected by a Green Cleaning program.

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